3 key components to standardize your service

It takes 20 years to build a reputation and five minutes to ruin it.
If you think about that, you’ll do things differently
Warren Buffett

Why is standardization key for our success?

Companies that focus on customer experience actually outperform their competition by almost 80%. Unsurprisingly, 84% of businesses that focus on enhancing customer experience reported an increase in their revenues. And 97% of customers will tell others about an excellent customer service experience. If this has been enough data for you, keep reading. 

Standardization facilitates hospitality operations and increases job satisfaction

What is a standard?

When we speak about service standards, we refer to rules set and accepted by the different parts of the service, both the executing part, in this case the team, and the receiving part, the guests. 

These rules are reflected in protocols or procedures that must be easily detected and assimilated. The reality is that sometimes hospitality professionals carry out the activity without clear rules; with different ways of doing things and that are not in coherence with the culture or mission of the hotel.

Additionally, the lack of standards can cause issues with guests who can experience an inconsistent level of service, casting doubt on the hotel culture.

The fact that the client is satisfied with the service will not depend on the hotel, and the hotel will be totally out of the control and scope. It will depend exclusively on the moment and the person who provides the service.

Who are the key partners? 

  • Management 

The role of senior management in the development of service standards is essential. The interest in managing quality has no other reason than to optimally manage the image and reputation of your hotel. Counting on established service standards, you will have the possibility to delegate, supervise and control the procedures that take place in your establishment. In such a way that the improvement process is continuous and easy to manage. 

  • Team 

The team members need a clear guide on how to develop their work, and which are their responsibility. Their performance is closely related to the existence of work standards, as their absence adds one more responsibility to each individual member. This also helps them visualize how much and in what way they are contributors to the success of the team and the organization.

On the other hand, the sector suffers from a significant volume of rotation and change of teams. For this reason, standardization contributes to a more concrete and faster welcome process, and without putting extra pressure on current members of the organization. 

  • Customers 

The probability that a guest loyalty to a hotel increases if there is a consistency in the level of service. The variability in the service triggers misery for the hotel. Only if there is consistency, the client will be able to identify their level of liking for the service received, and the process of accepting the service, and therefore loyalty, will be much easier. 

The relationship between these three parties will be successful as long as they all know what to give at all times and what to receive. This concept is expectations management, and it is only possible if standardization is included in the process. 

What can you standardize?

The list is infinite, but let’s list some examples:

  • Communication mode: personality, tone, type of language. …
  • Receiving process: check-in, welcome, upselling, … 
  • Cleaning procedure: room, bathroom, common areas, …
  • Food and Beverage: order taking, presentation of drinks and food, charge and payment, …

This is only a mention of some of the standards to be taken into account for the good development of the hotel activity. All of them and many more can be found on our hosstinn training platform.

Do you need help standardizing processes, communicating them appropriately, and ensuring their understanding? hosstinn takes care of it for you. Contact us.

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