What should you focus to choose your training?

Online training is a great resource for keeping your restaurant and hotel employees’ skills up to date

One of the main factors that makes or breaks a hotel or restaurant’s sustainable success over time is continuous training. This includes both staff and management roles, as each serves an important purpose for the business. Hotel and restaurant work requires skills that need to be updated and improved upon periodically, and choosing the right hotel and restaurant training programs is crucial to keep employees’ skills up to date

So, if you are overseeing any of these businesses there are some basics you need to consider when choosing the next training program for your hotel or restaurant. This will guide you towards choosing a provider that can meet your needs and demands.

Before beginning with these characteristics remember that any good training plan begins with you observing your staff, and pinpointing their needs. To get you started, try this:

  1. Ask management and staff for their opinion 
  2. Go over client reviews to find weak spots 
  3. Investigate trends in the hotel and restaurant industry 

After you have gathered your results and have chosen a training topic, let’s take a look at how you can choose a program that best fits your business. 

Flexibility and adaptability 

Nowadays training and education in general has become more flexible, and the offers for hotel and restaurant coaching continue to evolve. Digital programs offer so many benefits to in person ones. From more freedom scheduling-wise to accessibility, it’s really the best choice for the modern establishment. 

Hot tip: When choosing your digital training program be sure to look at the credentials of its directors. Take a company like hosstinn, which was created by two former hospitality workers with 28 years of experience in the industry. You can be sure you are getting quality content and useful insights from them based on their background. Be sure to keep an eye on the people behind the programs you choose. 

Up to date content 

Some of the major aspects to consider when choosing what training is right for your staff is how recently the training content was created and if it is compliant with industry regulations. You will also need to consider if you’ll get something useful out of it. We know there are some aspects of training that change but for your next training plan consider the answers to these five questions:

  1. When was this content created?
  2. What was the last update to this content?
  3. Is this curriculum valuable to my current operations?
  4. Are the tools in this content still in use? 
  5. Does this follow industry trends and standards? 

When considering a prospective training program, use the questionnaire above and based on your answers, they will tell you whether it’s a good choice in terms of relevance of content and use.

Offering better training programs for hotel and restaurant workers is a good way to boost employee retention

Offers growth opportunities for employees 

Your training needs to improve not only the way your hotel or restaurant functions but also the professional standing of your employees. This is a super important issue to weigh out when creating your training plans. 

More opportunity for growth with training motivates employees to actively participate and it also improves your employee retention. As a recent study points out, 70% of employees say training opportunities are a big part of their decision to stay in a company or not. So, be sure to choose carefully so you can keep your talent where you need it. 

Standardizing methodology

What new skills or knowledge you learn needs to be compatible with standardization. This means that it has to be translated into a repeatable process, one that can make the work around your hotel or restaurant easy and simple to follow. Look for adaptable content and standardization methods when checking out training content.

Why is standardization so important for restaurants and hotels? 

Standardization keeps away improvisation, and there’s already a lot of that considering the human aspect of both these industries. It also helps employees figure out tasks, finish ontime and allows for the guests or clients to feel at ease. 

Opportunities to connect with leading figures 

Networking and getting insider knowledge are two of the biggest advantages of investing in the right education plan. That’s why having leading voices on workshops and courses is a priority for platforms like hosstinn, where you can get closer to the trendsetters of the industry without spending all your budget in one go. 

These types of connections can nurture your employees into top workers and create a culture of innovation within your very own team. When you get exposed to the best in the business, it becomes easier to reach that level yourself.

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