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To drive success in the hospitality services industry by cultivating qualified and motivated professionals. qualified and motivated professionals

With more than 15 years of experience in the sector, working with the largest hotel chains in the world and managing large teams in hospitality services, hosstinn knows this sector perfectly and what it takes to succeed in hotels.

That is why we have created a platform that revolutionizes hotel training with innovation and knowledge.

Providing state-of-the-art technology to create optimal environments online for training in hospitality services

All of this is possible thanks to attractive systems and customized training programs. We know that training people makes hotels better and learning is the best way to do it.

Experience the unparalleled journey from training to success with our state-of-the-art hotel training platform. Elevate the capabilities of your staff through a unique and modern learning experience.

Tailor-made learning path

Customized modules that efficiently adjust to improvement needs through adaptive algorithms.

Interactive and gamified content

Attractive scenarios and modules for enjoyable, effective and memorable learning.

Real-time analysis

Instant information for continuous improvement and adaptability to evolving training needs.

Mobile accessibility and microlearning

On-the-fly microlearning for effective knowledge retention and real-world application.

Our team of of experts in hospitality services

Founded by industry experts with over 15 years of experience, hosstinn is driven by a passion to elevate the skills and knowledge of hotel teams around the world.

Our founders bring a wealth of experience in the hospitality industry. They have witnessed firsthand the evolving needs for success in the hospitality industry.

The best help you become a better professional

Our collaborators are some of the brightest minds in the industry. Not only do they have decades of industry experience, they are also passionate about building teams and improving the hospitality services industry.

A carefully selected group of experts to offer your team an innovative, human and growth-driven experience.


They have reported measurable successes and positive results after implementing our training programs.


Faster team skill advancement than traditional methods, ensuring quick and tangible returns.


Our programs average a 4.8 rating, reflecting active learning and practical application of skills.

Passion for the sector and professional growth

hosstinn was created by experts who are passionate about the hotel industry and want to see the sector prosper. We love to help people advance their careers and build teams that can grow and improve your hotel.

Empowering people and teams

Working together to improve your greatest asset: your team.

All-in-one hotel training

A leading hospitality training solution that helps you build your dream team outside of the hospitality industry.

Embark on a journey to excellence with hosstinn!

Discover the impact of hosstinn through the eyes of those who have experienced it firsthand. Listen directly to the testimonials of our satisfied customers. Their stories speak volumes about the transformative power of our learning platform.

Press play and join us on a journey of success and satisfaction.

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Empower your team with our leading training for hotel staff

At hosstinn, we believe in the power of a better team for a better hotel. Take the first step in transforming your hospitality experience by choosing our comprehensive hotel staff training and development opportunities.

Let us equip your team with cutting-edge skills and knowledge, enhancing your hotel’s attractiveness in the industry.

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