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Promoting excellence: Trainingand development of hotel staff

At hosstinn, we recognize the importance of fostering the professional growth of your team. Our comprehensive hotel staff training and development opportunities are designed to meet the specific needs of your team, offering tailored solutions that go beyond generic programs.

Personalization of learning through AI

We use machine learning and AI tools to provide more information to our experts and make your training truly amazing and one of a kind. We analyze the shortcomings of your hotel to build customized training itineraries for your team.

Unique and flexible learning

A learning route made exclusively for your hotel. The platform also allows each team member the freedom to learn at their own pace.

Expert opinions

Unleash the potential of your team with hotel industry experts who have more than 15 years of experience and expertise in leading hotel chains. All at your service at hosstinn.

Progress monitoring

Ensure that all members of your team achieve success with easy to monitor, manage and track tools.

Certification programs

We value the work that each person puts into our programs, which is why our training is accompanied by certifications that recognize effort and promote professional advancement.

Interactive and unlimited training

Hotel training as you have never seen it before: hosstinn uses an innovative learning methodology, completely digital, interactive, gamified and fun. In addition, constantly committed to offering new content.

We believe in empowering your most valuable resource: Your Team

With more than 15 years of experience in the sector, working with the largest hotel chains in the world and managing large hospitality teams, hosstinn knows this sector perfectly and what it takes to succeed in hotels. That is why we have created a platform that revolutionizes hotel training through innovation and knowledge.

We know that training people is what makes hotels better and that training is the best way to do it. Our leading hotel training platform offers a unique and modern experience to your staff. Go from learning to success with hosstinn!

What can we do for you?

Passion for the sector and professional growth

hosstinn, founded by passionate experts dedicated to the world of hospitality, is committed to fostering the continued growth of the industry. We take pride in guiding professionals on their career path through customized hotel staff training and development opportunities. Our goal is to build strong teams that contribute to the improvement and success of your hotel.

Empowering people and teams

Working together to improve your greatest asset: your team.

All-in-one hotel training

A leading hospitality training solution to help you build your dream team

Work together to create best equipment for best hotels

We have six pillars of knowledge that we consider the most solid foundation for a successful hotel team: Leadership, Hotel Management, Operational Excellence, Sustainability, Professional Skills and Wellness

In our programs we highlight these key areas and provide you with the necessary content to develop each of them.

Hotel management training

In such a competitive industry, the difference between a good hotel and a great hotel lies in management. Efficient hotel management is essential to ensure smooth and profitable operations in your hotel. Sound management is essential to remain competitive in the marketplace.

Leadership training

The success of a hotel depends on the good performance of the equipment, and we all know that starts at the top. Our leadership programs develop the most important skills leaders need, and can empower any employee to become a great leader.

Operational excellence training

Operational excellence is at the heart of a successful hotel. Therefore, seek to perfect every aspect of your hotel to offer impeccable service to guests. Our comprehensive approach ensures that every aspect of your operation runs at peak performance, from cleaning management to inbound logistics.

Sustainability training

At a time when sustainability is an expectation rather than a trend, our program equips hotels to lead by example. Sustainability is fundamental in the hotel industry to minimize environmental impact and contribute to the local community.

Professional skills training

At the heart of the hospitality industry is the art of providing exceptional service. Professional skills are essential to the success of hotels. Our program delves into essential professional skills, from mastering different languages, deepening digital tools to improving time management.

Wellness training

Prioritizing the wellness of hospitality professionals is crucial, not only to maintain personal health in order to fulfill job responsibilities, but also to extend that same level of care to your guests. These programs range from mental health to injury prevention and staff-client relations.

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"I have gained insights and lessons that I'm sure to implement in my daily life."

Oscar L.

GM | Acta Hotel

This application allowed me to develop my leadership skills and had an immediate effect.
I highly recommend it! A good way to motivate teams!

Gonçalo R.

User | Head Of Reception

"A very modern, flexible and digitalized solution for training and development."

Gema Nieto

Senior Associate | Lux Capital America

"A learning platform that is easy to use and manage, with quality content."

Matthew Clouston

Rentals United

"Useful, motivating and with a very intuitive website."

Rosa C.

User | Housekeeper

"The themes and approaches of the courses have been very useful for my professional development."

Ricardo Jesus

User | Waiter

How do we do it?

We study your needs to offer you a customized plan

You join our platform and upload your information. Here, our innovative learning technology and experience work together to create the best plans for your educational growth.

Step 1

We work together to empower your team

We talk to you and your team to understand your needs and objectives in order to offer a unique learning path. Subsequently, we collect feedback and training results to improve your experience.

Step 2

We never stop growing, and we do it together!

We continuously follow up with your team as we add content to our platform and make suggestions for training. Because hospitality, and your team, are always evolving.

Step 3

Join our community of hospitality heroes

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