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hosstinn is an A.I. powered Learning Experience Platform (LXP) dedicated to training the hospitality industry. With hosstinn, you can upskill and engage employees of any level.

Maximize your training experience with an award-winning LXP!

The greatest challenge of our time is keeping people’s abilities current.


You have a better chance of surpassing competition if you grow your personnel quickly enough to seize fresh opportunities.

hosstinn allows your staff to evolve by providing opportunities to explore, train, and develop the skills that your company requires today and tomorrow.
Our unique learning experience platform empowers your employees to take control of their learning and career development, allowing your company to adapt more quickly.
Everything your people need to improve their skills today, and prepare them for the future, is right here!

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How we do it?

Step 1

We start by analyzing the needs and interests of each employee.

Step 2

Our unique A.I. powered platform recommends learning modules based on the analysis and the job role.

Step 3

We create a unique learning path for each user.

Step 4

We measure the outcome to guarantee user engagement.

What They Say About Us

Excellent experience! Having both, education and training tools in one site, is for sure an intangible asset to any business. Very friendly and interactive information overall.

Alfredo Coronel


I took the leadership course to see if I can recommend it to others and was very pleased with what I experienced. The content is relevant, easy to digest and up to date. It is presented in a way that helps to learn and keep what is taught. It is an interactive experience, and therefore it is easy to keep interest levels high. There are activities to be done between the sessions which ensures a transition to daily life, which I found very valuable.

I can recommend this course for anyone who is interestedin leadership, especially to new and aspiring leaders, as well as experienced managers who haven't had the chance to look into leadership yet.

Miriam Duarte

Leadership Coach

hosstinn offers high-quality content and genuine ease of use. The modules cover a wide range of subjects which are organized depending on your interests and needs. The website design makes the learning experience more dynamic and engaging by using images and videos.

Julia F.

Great content and amazing customer service. What I liked the most is the usability, the easy way to work around the platform, and the very user-friendly design.


Matthew Clouston

Rentals United

An intuitive and easy to use platform, offering great interactive content. Highly recommended for anyone wanting to improve their leadership skills.

Samy R.

An amazing learning platform for professionals to upgrade their knowledge and skills.
They are so helpful and friendly. Their representatives are well organized and professional who knows how to motivate and encourage the users to reach a certain level of their needs! They are good advisors and not only advising, but also they can tell and assist you to do it when it is necessary

Alex K.

Rotana Hotels

Enhancement of one's skills & career development.
The thing I love about hosstinn is their professional ability to pamper the hoteliers with modern techniques & skills. They are enthusiastic to meet the requirements plus demands of any employee or a company. My personal experience with hosstinn is always up to my expectations because of high standards of service set by the organization. In short, It is one of the best & useful learning platform for hospitality industry.

Arshad H.

Hotel Claris 5* GL

Great idea and initiative for the hospitality industry. Wonderful service and passion from the team!

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“Motivate them, train them, care about them, and make winners out of them… they’ll treat the customers right.  And if customers are treated right, they’ll come back.”

J. Willard Marriott​