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A receptionist in a suit participating in hotel staff training and development opportunities, refining his managerial skills for effective leadership within the hospitality industry.
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Empowering Excellence: Training and Development for Hotel Staff

At hosstinn, we recognize the importance of nurturing the professional growth of your team. Our comprehensive hotel staff training and development opportunities are crafted to meet the unique needs of the hospitality industry, offering tailored solutions that go beyond generic programs. Choose our services to empower your team with the skills and knowledge essential for success in the competitive hotel sector.

AI-Powered Learning Personalization

We use machine learning and AI tools to provide more insight to our experts and make your training truly amazing and one-of-a-kind. Analyzing gaps in your hotel to build unique training paths for your team.

Expert Insights

Unlock the potential of your team with real-world industry experts, while
harnessing over 15 years of hosstinn’s invaluable experience and insights within top hotel chains – all at your service.

Unique & Flexible Learning

A learning path made exclusively for your hotel. The platform also lets each team member have the freedom to learn at their own pace.

Interactive & Unlimited Training

Hotel training like you’ve never seen before, hosstinn uses breakthrough learning
methodology to get the job done. Completely digital, interactive, gamified, fun,
and constantly adding content.

Track Progress

Make sure each member of your team reaches success with easy-to-follow
tracking and management tools.

Certification Programs

We value the work each person puts into our programs, that’s why our training comes with certifications to recognize effort and boost career advancement.

We believe in empowering your most valuable resource, your team

With over 15 years of industry experience working with the world’s biggest hotel chains and managing large hospitality teams, hosstinn knows this industry inside out, and what it takes to succeed. That’s why we’ve built a platform that revolutionizes hotel training with knowledge and innovation.

We know that empowering people is what makes hotels better and that education is the best way to do this. Our leading hotel training platform provides a unique and modern experience for your staff. Go from learning to success with hosstinn!

What we can do for you?

● A more committed team
● Empower your staff and strengthen retention
● Gain a competitive edge through better service
● Cost-efficient training that works
● Optimized training management

Passion for the Industry & Professional Growth

hosstinn, founded by passionate experts dedicated to the world of hospitality, is committed to fostering the continual growth of the industry. We take pride in guiding professionals on their career journeys through personalized hotel staff training and development opportunities. Our aim is to form strong teams that contribute to the improvement and success of your hotel.

Empowering people and teams

Working together to enhance your greatest asset, your team

All-in-one hotel training

A leading hospitality training solution that helps you create the team you dream off

A manager holding a computer, symbolizing our commitment to comprehensive hotel staff training and development opportunities, empowering leaders with the necessary skills for success.

Working together to create

better teams for better hotels

We have four pillars of knowledge that we consider the strongest foundations for a successful
hotel team: Hotel Management, Leadership, Customer Service, and Well-being.

We highlight these key areas in our programs and provide you with the content needed to develop each one.

Two individuals in F&B and front office roles, symbolizing our operational training programs that empower staff with the skills needed for excellence in hotel services and development opportunities.

Hotel Management Training

Transform your team into seasoned professionals, ensuring seamless and efficient hotel operations. With hosstinn, your staff will gain the knowledge and confidence needed to excel in every aspect of hotel management, setting your establishment apart.

Leadership Training

Hotel success hinges on teams working smoothly and we all know that starts at the top. Our leadership programs develop the most important skills leaders need, and can empower any employee to become a great leader.

A waitress serving food, embodying exemplary customer service skills as part of a comprehensive hotel staff training and development program.

Customer Service Training

The cornerstone of hospitality and one of the key factors for growth. Our customer service training brings the best out of each employee, arming them with the necessary skills and knowledge to provide high-quality service and experiences to your guests.

"A housekeeping lady smiling, embodying the positive impact of our well-being program on staff as part of our holistic hotel staff training and development opportunities, promoting happiness and health in the workplace.

Well-Being Training

Prioritizing the well-being of hospitality professionals is crucial, not just for maintaining personal health to fulfill job responsibilities, but also for extending that same level of care to your guests. These programs target everything from mental health to injury prevention and staff-client relations.

Hear from our users

"A great learning tool for any level of professional!"
Matthew Clouston
Rentals united
"A very modern, flexible and digitalized solution for training and development."
Gema Nieto
Sr. associate | Lux Capital America
“A learning platform that is easy to use and manage with quality content.”
Jennifer K. Hill
CEO | Optimal Match
"Really useful to use, and I love the educational videos."
Salomon Scheepers
Guest Relations | Bulgari hotels

Award Winning e-learning platform

Person pointing to the learning solution process flow.
How do we do it?

We study your needs to provide a plan that fits

You join our platform and upload your information. Here our innovative learning technology and expertise work together to create the best plans for your growth

We work together to empower your team

We speak with you and your team to select needs and goals in order to deliver your learning path. We later gather feedback and results from training to improve your experience

We never stop growing, and we do it together!

We follow up continuously with your team while adding content to our platform and making suggestions for training. Because hospitality, and your team, are always evolving

At hosstinn, we believe in the power of a better team for a better hotel. Take the first step to transform your hospitality experience by choosing our comprehensive hotel staff training and development opportunities. Let us empower your team with cutting-edge skills and knowledge, enhancing your hotel’s attractiveness in the industry.

Empower Your Team with our Leading Hotel Staff Training!