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What is hosstinn’s purpose?

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How wonderful it is that nobody need wait a single
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Our mission

To train hospitality staff to provide superior service. 

Group of hotel staffs working in kitchen at hotel

The beginning

It all begins with Sandra & Ismail’s passion for the hospitality industry. Ever since they started working, they knew that one day they would start their own business within this field. They believed that they had a lot to deliver, especially with the constant development of technology, hence hosstinn.

The challenge

Both co-founders had a purpose to come up with hosstinn; to redefine the relation between customers and staff for the hospitality sector. The demand for impeccable hosting and personalisation is increasing but the old methods have not been helping lately.
With the arrival of various apps and technologies, customers are getting used to writing reviews and sharing their experience through photos and videos, then exposing them to the world of the internet. This only pushes all hotels to become tech-friendly and to work on the “behind the scenes” in order to get the results they are seeking.

The solution

Consequently, the second purpose is to help train and empower the staff through an innovative learning path. 

If hotels are experiencing difficulties in getting their staff to do what is expected of them, hosstinn offers them the service accordingly in order to detect the problem and get them on the right path via technology based training programs. During the learning process, the staff would manage the customer relationship better and be able to give a five star service.

Overall, hosstinn has exemplary services in order to beat the existing problems within the hotel businesses, and the given purposes are solid problem-solving solutions. 

We understand that the basis for a business is knowing and understanding its customers. Their needs; wants; perceptions; and emotions are the commencement of every action that needs to be taken, but for the rest, hosstinn is what you need on the road to service excellence.

If you want to know more about hosstinn, we invite you to contact us.

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