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End-of-year ideas for improve your restaurant in 2023


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The new year is almost here and with that comes the opportunity to make changes to your business, improve your restaurant. A fresh start can have a real impact on your bottom line, and it’s better to start earlier than figure out a new strategy in the middle of the year. In an industry that can be volatile at times, it always pays off if you have a plan. 

How can you start to strategize and plan for improvement in your restaurant?

  1. Identify need areas.
  2. Research solutions.
  3. Budget and schedule implementation.

These are the first three steps to making any change to your business. After you have implemented these new actions you will move on to another part of the strategy, where you evaluate, make adjustments and keep improving. 

Here are some of the best areas to focus on to get real improvements in your restaurant’s success.  

Digital training in restaurants can be a great asset for employee growth and retention goals

Invest in digital training 

Digital training merges the best of both worlds by bringing together the education aspect in an adaptable, modern and constantly up to date format. Plus it’s the most sensible option when it comes to budgeting costs and time needed.

Build work culture 

A solid work culture is the foundation of a good work environment. Any business, but in particular restaurants and those in service industries can benefit from investing in work culture. What is work culture? It is the attitudes and ideals that influence the environment in any workplace. For example, creating an employee of the month board means you have a work culture that acknowledges and celebrates workers achievements. But there is so much to it than that. 

Work culture has become a significant factor in employee retention, productivity and efficiency. It can include so many aspects running of business, like:

  • Work – life balance.
  • Employee perks.
  • Rewarding employees.
  • Bonus perks.
  • Mental health policies.
  • And more.

Think of work culture as how you would like your ideal workplace to run, you can build this with the help of employees or experts. It can grow and change overtime. The thing to remember is that just getting started on this can impact the way your employees feel and how well they perform, so don’t ignore it. 

Plan special events 

Special events are one of the best ways to attract consumers to your restaurant. Especially after a couple of rough years in terms of socializing since the pandemic, people are ready to celebrate!

Including themed events or special offer nights into your restaurant’s schedule can work to bring attention and new crowds to try your establishments. An important tip when choosing an event is to make sure it’s tied to your concepts and vibe. Take inspiration from the cuisine you offer to create events related to the culture, or support local artists in need for a venue. You can also host meet-ups and other social nights. 

Restaurants need to invest more time in their digital presence and branding to stand out and attract consumers

Digital branding

There is no longer a choice on whether or not you should use digital to advertise your restaurant, it is a must in the industry. This doesn’t mean that you need to start making tik toks and Youtube videos, but you do need to put some work into your digital presentation.

While delivery apps may not be your type of digital medium, you still have work to do, there are so many areas and channels you can advertise to. We are sure you will find one that fits your style and concept. The biggest players, and two main places to start are:

  1. Google: create your business page, collect reviews, become searchable for customers nearby 
  2. Instagram: invite future clients with pictures of your dishes and more content 

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