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5 benefits of standardization for restaurants

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The restaurant industry is highly complex both internally and externally. Meaning that getting customers and running a smooth kitchen are equally as integral, and dependent on one another. Having a prepared staff that knows what to do at every moment of service by standaritzation is one of the best ways to guarantee your success in this business. The standardization is a benefit for restaurants!

How standardization can help run restaurants, smoother service and more profit

What does standardization for restaurants mean?

Standardization is the implementation of ‘best practice’ processes in the different parts of restaurant service. In other words, finding the best way to do things and making that the standard for operations.

How does standardization benefit you in restaurant operations?

The best outcome of standardization is consistency. You will be sure that your staff is prepared for their function, and that results will be the same every time. A restaurant with a performance you can count on, plus also a product that consumers can trust. 

Consistent recipes 

Standardization of service gives you a smooth-running kitchen. Not only should you have a set menu to be on top of supply and identify your establishments cuisine. You and the staff should know exactly what goes into each dish and how. 

Separating dishes into a set of processes in order to create a consistent flavor, a menu you can rely on. Why is it important? There is less of a chance for dissatisfied consumers, and your staff will thank you for eliminating confusing items.

Less food waste

One of the biggest benefits with standardization is you can cut food waste, just by having a set of recipes with numbered ingredients and measurements. You use the right amount every time, so you waste less, and also eliminate excess in your orders to suppliers. This practice is business smart and eco-friendly, both of which can have an impact on your bottom line.

Streamlined training 

Training employees can be one of the most expensive and time-consuming parts of restaurant management. With standardization you can cut that time and investment by a lot. No need for improvisation or constantly changing training packages. Using standard procedures can help you take advantage of digital training programs, making onboarding easier and getting staff in operational shape quicker. 

Why use a digital platform for training?

Digital training platforms provide solutions to the most common training problems and are a more employee friendly solution to skill improvement.

  • No time for training → Let employees control their own training hours
  • Outdated curriculums → Updated content and skill training 
  • Difficulty in employee follow up → Track each employees evolution 
  • Acquiring support materials for all employees → Digital and accessible support material 
  • Travel expenses → Learn from wherever you are 

Another benefit is the deep catalog of training offered digitally. So, depending on what types of needs your business has, you will need to find a focus area for training and you’ll be good to go. 

Standardization can improve restaurant staff productivity

Reduces pressure on staff 

A solid standardization of your restaurant procedures takes the pressure off staff to figure out how to do things. Plus the little details of service like where things are and how to properly use them become second nature. That’s because when done right, standardization goes from top to bottom of the restaurant operations. Making everyone’s job easier to handle. 

Let’s always keep in mind restaurant work means interacting with people almost constantly, sometimes it’s not the most relaxed environment. Having processes that work can help reduce tensions and stress amongst restaurant teams. 

Makes management easier 

It’s easier to manage a work space if you know what everyone is supposed to be doing, easy as that. It also makes it simpler to delegate tasks, and be confident teams are handling their responsibilities. For a restaurant manager there is nothing more comforting than when you start a kitchen service and everything is in the right place.

Focus on innovation and standing out 

Once you have the smaller stuff handled you can focus on the big ideas. If you don’t have to worry about how your restaurant: will manage a big order or a surprise party of 23. Because the standard processes are in place to provide the answer, then you can move forward. 

Having the right standardization implemented, can free up management, kitchen staff, and owners. So, they can innovate on food, service and more. If there is no fire to be put out, then creativity can be let out. 

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5 benefits of standardization for restaurants

The restaurant industry is highly complex both internally and externally. Meaning that getting customers and running a smooth kitchen are

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